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After we receive our products from Tunisia, they are further processed in Breda. The products will be packed efficiently and directly prepared for (inter)national transportation. At this location, we also have the capabilities and machinery to process fiberfill filling and EPS beans. In this way we are able to fill a variety of items with the perfect quantity of fiberfill and add the EPS beans to our beanbags and pouffes.

Van Baal Textiles – Breda, the Netherlands

There are separate showrooms for all our brands at the head office in Breda, and our sales and styling department work hard on the constant development of new products, packaging and concepts for both collections and private-label items. Here, we receive weekly deliveries from Tunisia and the Far East and we add the requested inner filling and required labelling to beanbags, lounge products and decorative cushions. We also look after logistics at this location, by using efficient presspacking and automated pallet sealing for (inter)national distribution.