The OVERSEAS Essentials collection features a great range of essential cushions and throws for a stunning base and perfect style in any interior. Details that bring the collection together include textures to mix and match, timeless colours and a superior finish. The range effortlessly complements the other on-trend items from the collection and offers a base for a beautiful home full of exciting accents.

When you can’t get enough of luxury we invite you to experience our Tailor Made collection. The OVERSEAS Tailor Made collection is very distinctive, thanks to the rich and serene ambiance it creates. Limited editions are launched throughout the season, for which we source the most luxurious and contemporary fabrics and materials from around the globe. Stylish designs and textures are developed in-house and blended together perfectly into a colour theme. The OVERSEAS Tailor Made collection is a true crowning glory for your interior.

The most exciting children’s rooms are those featuring products from the OVERSEAS Kidslife collection! If you are looking for the perfect ambiance in your child’s room this range offers plenty of choice, with bed accessoires, wigwams, beanbags and shape pillows. From a cool and adventurous boy’s room to a magical and sparkly girl’s room, the impossible becomes possible OVERSEAS Kidslife.

As much as we love beautifully styled interiors it would be even more perfect if the comfortable and trendy pillows or baskets for your pets would match. OVERSEAS Petlife has the perfect range of products. The wide choice of materials are all easy to clean and available in both traditional and contemporary colours and prints. The range of animal pillows, baskets and even amazing boxsprings offers a suitable solution for every pet and are designed to match any interior.

Marketing support

The overseas collection is at its best and reaches maximum results when optimally displayed. To be able to achieve the commercial goals we can help you with product presentation and the right POS materials. We are looking forward to brainstorm with you about all possibilities. Would you like to find out more about the collections or other opportunities at Van Baal Textiles? Register now for the Dealer portal and also become a satisfied OVERSEAS Dealer.