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After sample approval and the confirmation for the order, we will start production in Tunisia – making sure the fabrics, product labelling and extremely detailed quality control are all in perfect order. Once all these stages are finalised, the products are being prepared for transport to our warehouse in Breda.

3BE – Sayada, Tunesië

In 2012 we established our own production facility in Sayada, Tunisia. This was done to optimize the control of the production chain and not be dependent on external partners. Here, the raw cloth we keep in stock can be printed, embroidered and quilted as and when required. The semi-finished products are shipped to the Netherlands on a weekly basis, ensuring fast delivery of samples and orders. This process means our production chain is considerably reduced compared to deliveries from the Far East.

In 2019, we were awarded the SA8000 certification, enabling us to meet the very highest standards as a supplier. We are honoured with this certification and what’s more: it also solidifies the quality of our products and the fact we safeguard the right social conditions.