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The busy lives we lead and the many changes we face on a daily basis mean we genuinely value home life with our families more and more. This is the reason why our mission has always been to create premium and pioneering concepts, with a focus on relatable trends, affordable design, comfort and a sense of luxury. Over the last 38 years, we have worked hard to create a comfortable and stylish living environment for each individual and every pet, and we will keep doing so for many years to come.

Family business

Van Baal Textiles has been a successful family business for more than 38 years. Our focus is creating pioneering collections for (inter)national customers. As a textiles supplier we wanted to be in charge of all aspects of the process and not rely on external partners. As such we established our own production facility in Sadaya, Tunisia, in 2012. We are proud to be a genuine interior textiles specialist. We advise retailers on today’s offline & online consumer and talk about what moves, motivates and entices consumers. We offer maximum support for both our own brands and private label projects, and we prefer to work closely together in long-term partnerships.

Styling & Sales

Our stylists use their intuition, emotion and passion to stay up to date with the latest trends, colours and materials, using their expertise to translate contemporary vibes into the most appealing textile products for various collections. They stay in touch with the styling and production department in Tunisia on a daily basis, to create the ultimate in home textile. Our range is available for purchasers as well as independent retailers. Come visit our showroom or various Cash & Carry Centers, or register to purchase through our online B2B portal. If you are interested in joining us as a dealer, we would love to discuss the possibilities and your wishes.

More success, less risk

Because we manage the entire production chain, we have knowledge like no other to give the right support. We have expert knowledge on location, including Supply Chain, POS, Product development, Stock management, Content support, Visual Merchandising and Sales support. Because our raw materials are always available, we are able to scale up quickly throughout the season and shorten lead times. These essential advantages increase the chance of success and instantly limit risks.