Van Baal Textiles values the protection of personal data. Below is a description of the methods we use. This policy describes the way we process and manage information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Legal entity van Baal Woningtextiel B.V.:

Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V., with its registered office at Minervum 7218 4817 ZJ in Breda, the Netherlands, is responsible for correct processing of personal data as described in this privacy policy, and is in compliance with GDPR guidelines. Last amended on 24/07/2020.

  1. Applicability:

This privacy statement applies to:

  • (Prospective) customers and/or suppliers of Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V.
  • Visitors to the website/web shops that are part of Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V.
  • Recipients of newsletters and/or product information from Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V.
  • All other individuals who are in any way in contact with Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V.
  1. Processing of personal data

Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V. processes personal information when:

Our services are used and/or because information has been divulged to us during a personal meeting, via telephone or by digital means. We process the following personal information:

  • Company name
  • Name and first name
  • Contact person
  • Job title
  • Address details
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • COC number
  • VAT number
  • IP address
  • Surfing behaviour (such as click and search behaviour, duration and time of website visit)
  • Devices
  • Purchase history

The provision of personal information is a necessary condition for entering into a business (purchase) agreement with Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V. If no personal information is provided, it may be possible that we are not able to enter into an agreement and/or meet obligations.

  1. Objective of data processing:
  • The optimisation of products and service provision and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Optimisation of sales tools such as the B2B dealer portal and corporate website activities.
  • The correct provision of general product information and business information, and the provision of personalised services.
  • Agreeing and/or advising on collaborative projects for (prospective) customers and/or suppliers.
  • Informing relationships about developments related to products, trends, and general news items by way of sending newsletters and/or posts.
  • The analysis of services and products using evaluations received.
  • The recording of online activities by our relationships.
  1. Service providers:

In future, it is possible that Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V. may use (Marketing/IT) service providers that process personal data in strict accordance with guidelines. This will always be for the purpose of the abovementioned objectives related to personal data and GDPR legislation. There is also an automation expert who professionally manages all IT, and the customer data is stored securely by us in the ERP system.

  1. Data retention period:

Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V. will not retain the data for longer than necessary.

  1. Sharing information with third parties:

In certain cases, the personal details may be transferred to third parties, for the purpose of achieving the underlying objectives. This could include:

  • Carrier company, for the delivery of consignments
  • Hosting party, for website optimisation
  • Payment provider, for managing the financial transactions

Furthermore, we will not share the information provided with third parties without consent, unless this is legally obligatory and/or permitted. This could include official legislation and/or fraud investigation.

  1. Cookies or comparable technologies:

Van Baal Woningtextiel B.V. uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer, telephone and/or tablet. They are used for reading browser data and provide us with insight into your surfing behaviour.

Necessary cookies:

  • Save preferences, such as language and your browser settings.
  • Transmit order information.
  • Save login details for the B2B web shop.
  • Remember and store products in your shopping basket or wish list.

We also place cookies on our website that register surfing behaviours, so that we can tailor and adapt targeted content and marketing campaigns. We ask for your permission to use these cookies on your first visit to the website, and the cookies will be activated after your consent. You can withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings and removing stored data.

For more information, go to:

  1. Personal data security:

Van Baal Woningtextiel takes information protection very seriously and will continue to take all necessary steps to guarantee data security. These steps are all aimed at preventing loss, misuse, and unauthorised access and/or use of data.

  1. Changes to the privacy policy:

We reserve the right to make unilateral changes to this privacy statement at any time. These changes will be announced via the website, so we advise that you check back regularly.

  1. Rights, questions and comments:

If you are under the impression that personal data is not being used and/or secured correctly, please contact us directly via or telephone the office on +31(0)765713050